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“Charlottes techniques, wisdom and no nonsense approach over the past 5 months has completely changed my life. I came into the process feeling broken and scattered, I was at the mercy of the noise in my mind. I felt worthless, out of control and needed to move past the things that were holding me back. Through the work I have done with Charlotte I have overcome the eating disorder I battled with for 18 years, dealt with extreme social anxieties and worked through the past traumas that were blighting my relationships. I am truly grateful to be living a happier, calmer and more organised life as a result.”

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In essence, therapy typically focuses on healing and addressing psychological or emotional challenges, often exploring past experiences and traumas. Neurological change therapy, for instance, aims to rewire subconscious patterns for behavioural and emotional transformation.​

On the other hand, coaching is future-orientated, concentrating on personal or professional development, goal setting, and skill enhancement. Mindset coaching in your entrepreneurial context, elevates thinking patterns to boost success.

RECAP: While therapy delves into deep-rooted issues, coaching emphasizes goal achievement and skill enhancement. My therapy training and coaching program offer a distinct approach to personal growth and transformation.

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Hello from me.... Charlotte!! The owner and founder of Staying the Path Therapy & Coaching. Where it is ALL ABOUT THE MINDSET.

Welcome to a space where change is not just embraced but celebrated. I am your dedicated guide on the path to personal evolution. As a certified neurological change therapist and mindset coach, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for helping individuals rewrite their stories.

I have not only earned my stripes in the realm of neurological change therapy and mindset coaching but have walked the transformative journey myself. This unique blend of professional and personal expereince allows me to connect with you on a profound level.

Step into a haven of warmth, empathy, and understanding. I believe in creating a space where you not only feel heard but cherised. Your journey is unique, and I am here to ensure it unfolds with comfort and security.

As an outgoing millennial, I thrive on connecting with new souls. Each encounter is an opportunity for growth and transformation. Let's embark on this journey together, fueled by the power of connection and, yes, perhaps a bit too much coffee!!

There is nothing more fulfilling than witnessing the incredible metamorphosis my clients undergo. It is not just a job, it is a calling to nurture growth, inspire change, and celebrate the victories, big and small.

Ready to brew a blend of transformation and empowerment? Let's share stories, dreams, and, of course, a cup of coffee. Your journey begins now, and I am thrilled to be your companion.

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