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Welcome! I'm Charlotte, the owner and founder of Staying the Path.

As a dedicated Small Business Consultant and Coach, I am passionate about helping product-selling and customer-facing business owners and entrepreneurs like you, to create thriving businesses and nurturing environments for your teams.
With a robust background in Team Leadership, Coaching and Development, and Business Development, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. My mission is to support you in achieving business success through strategic planning, enhanced team engagement, and operational efficiency.
At Staying the Path, I understand the challenges you face and I am committed in providing tailored solutions that drive a growth in revenue, foster personal development, and cultivate a positive mindset. Together, we will transform your business into a powerhouse of innovation and success.

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Here are just some areas in which I can help your Business, your Team and YOU

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1. Strategic Business Planning

I work with you to develop clear, actionable strategic business plans that align with your goals and market dynamics. My tailored strategies meet your specific wants, needs, and targets. By overcoming business challenges with effective problem-solving techniques, I offer practical solutions to address your specific issues and turn obstacles into opportunities.

2. Business Development & Product Management

With extensive experience in business development, I help you identify new opportunities and create pathways for sustained growth. My insights and strategies are designed to boost your business performance by optimizing

product management and enhancing the customer experience, ensuring maximized sales opportunities and improved sales performance.

3. Operations Efficiency & Management

Streamline your operations for maximum efficiency. I analyze your business processes and implement improvements to reduce costs, increase productivity, and optimize overall performance.

4. Leadership and Team Development

Leadership Development - Empower your leadership team with tailored coaching to enhance decision-making, strategic thinking, and communication skills. Cultivate visionary leaders who inspire and guide their teams to achieve business goals.

Team Development - Foster a high-performing, collaborative team environment. My targeted programs build essential skills like problem-solving, communication, and teamwork, ensuring every team member feels valued, motivated, and equipped to contribute to your business's success.

5. Team Engagement

Engaged teams are more productive and motivated. I help you create a positive work environment that fosters team engagement, collaboration, and high performance.

6. Revenue Growth

Achieve significant revenue growth through targeted strategies and innovative solutions. I work with you to identify key revenue drivers and implement effective sales and marketing techniques. By establishing and monitoring key performance indicators, we can track progress and ensure sustained growth.

7. Personal Development through Coaching

A positive and resilient mindset, coupled with ongoing personal development, is crucial for both personal and professional success. My comprehensive coaching programs are designed to help you and your team overcome challenges, stay motivated, and achieve your highest potential. By focusing on mindset coaching and skill enhancement, I empower you to build confidence, develop resilience, and maintain a balanced and fulfilling professional life.

If you want clear, actionable strategies, tailored coaching, and practical solutions that address your specific challenges and drive your business forward. Use the button below to book your FREE call...

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With a robust background in team leadership, coaching, and business development, I bring a wealth of knowledge to support your business.


I am passionate about your business success and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


My approach is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that you receive practical and effective solutions.

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