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Who can benefit from talk therapy?

Are you someone who thinks the only people that get therapy are the ones that are “seriously messed up”? You aren’t the only one, there are loads of people out there that think that way, but I feel it is quite a common misconception.

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With my type of work not only do I work with clients that have deep rooted issues but also, I use a coaching method so I can help people transition in their career, get a promotion at work, relieve stress/anxiety from work or business, or help people relax before that important next step. I guess you could say it also helps with personal development. I have also helped other therapists and healers. I think its especially important for therapists and healers to make sure they are in tip top shape mentally, so they have a clear mind for their own clients or running their own business.

So, who can benefit from talk therapy? As you can see it doesn’t mean you have to have loads of issues going on to seek therapy. What is important to remember is that we are all different and are all going through our own individual journeys and sometimes those journeys can get bumpy and be painful for most people. In fact, everyone can say that at some point in their lives they have experienced those negative emotions or feelings that may have even stopped them from doing things they really wanted to. I for one am not a person who wishes to live a “what if” life. What if I did get therapy and it changed my life? What if I did get therapy and it helped me out of a place I hate? What if I had therapy and I started a new path in life? What if I started therapy and it finally made me feel happy and at peace?.

If you want to find out a bit more, please do not hesitate to contact me. Whether you want help for yourself and someone else you may know that could benefit from this type of therapy.

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