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Take some time out for you.

I think one thing we can forget in this modern day life is how important it is to look after ourselves. I am one who was guilty of this and have experienced this before. Sometimes we may have the difficulty of saying no to people, doing overtime at work when you have already done enough, managing a career and family, and just stretching ourselves to the limit.

Remember YOU do come first.

It can be tough to juggle everything but taking a little time out for ourselves never hurt anyone. When you have the chance, take yourself for a walk, get out in to nature, have an extra long bath, watch your favourite tv programme, or even sometimes having your own ritual in the morning before you start your day can help, whatever shape or form that takes from your 5 minute shower and getting ready to making your coffee and breakfast. They may seem minor and small but if you take a moment to be present and consciously aware (as we run on autopilot a lot more than you think), it could make a huge difference to your day.

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